Do You Have the Appetite of an Elephant?

Try anyone of our signature dishes at our Thai cuisine restaurant in Bozeman, MT

Interested in trying new things and broadening your palate? Break free from your usual order and spice things up. Thai Basil offers dinner specials for a complete Thai cuisine restaurant experience in Bozeman, MT. All you have to do is eat-we'll keep the plates coming.

Choose from 15 of our amazing dishes like curries, soups and pad thai. Our restaurant specials allow you to try a variety of authentic courses you'll want to keep coming back to order. Call 406-624-6815 (Bozeman) or 406-995-3471 (Big Sky) today to ask about our dinner specials at our Thai cuisine restaurant in Bozeman, MT.

Try them all!

Our rotating dinner specials at Thai Basil give you 15 different entrée options to get you started. Then, we'll select four more courses to create a full Thai meal. Enjoy a soup, salad, appetizer, entrée and dessert for one low price. Visit our pad thai restaurant today to order your dinner special in Bozeman, MT.